WEEK 3 GOAL: Three Studio Workouts + 1 Daily Double

Totally Transverse II, Balanced

Still loving Balanced. I’m encouraged to see that my strength is improving because this definitely was a little easier than it was a few weeks ago, though I still struggled with the final shoulder press reps. While it does feel slow moving when you are itching for a fast workout, I high recommend opening with one of the Foundational five. I find that my core is much more engaged when I start with one of those. Today I used Totally Transverse II as a warm up.

So I skipped a whole bunch of days this week and I didn’t like how it made me feel at all so I did a bit of a catch up day.

Warm up – Mula Banda

Ultimate Upper Body
I’d forgotten that I had done Ultimate Upper Body before and it actually felt a little easier this time. Hurray! I finally feel like maybe I’ve building a little bit of strength.

I’ve done Kickboxing before but it is a good solid cardio workout if you are looking for something a little longer than any of the basic aerobic workouts.

Warm up- Totally Transverse

I know that this has more teaching in it than Totally Transverse II but I actually like this video better, though I can’t put my finger on why. It’s still one of my all time favorites.

I’m finding that I’m having trouble fitting in my cardio days so I’m adding extra cardio to each of my workouts whenever possible, so help fill that gap. Today I did Basic Aerobics III again.


Warm up: Mula Banda

Tabata Ball workout

So this was an unusual workout. It’s not available on Roku, which makes it a little more inconvenient to me, since I do the majority of my workouts on Roku, but I still enjoyed it. I did not do it with a weighted ball, though I would consider purchasing one to make this workout more challenging in the future. I think I’ll definitely try this one again.

Daily Double: Totally Transverse II, Insane Upper Body

I did these two back to back, starting with Totally Transverse II. Insane Upper Body was again challenging; but still doable without any major pain. This actually didn’t feel too hard to do one right after the other because I already got in the habit of adding one of the Foundational Five each day. Nice to feel like I’m keeping up. I’m still not getting my cardio days in, so I’m going to try and keep doing a little bit each day, whenever I can. My goal is a minimum of 30 minutes of activity most days, minimum 5 days a week. How are you proceeding with your fitness goals? I’d love to hear about it.

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