My order of workouts was kind of all over the place this week, in an effort to make sure I did something as often as possible.

Functional Workout

This was a difficult workout. It definitely challenged me. You can make it more or less difficult depending on the weight of the dumbbells you use. You could probably even do it without the dumbbells if you wanted to do a longer workout but while you are still healing from diastasis. I love how Beth Learn uses other objects, like jars of iced tea, instead of dumbbells, so you don’t feel like you have to go out and buy some equipment. I think I’m going to put this workout on my short list to return to later on

I took a walk with my two kids, which probably counts as some kind of cardio and we also took a family walk on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. My daughter did walk most of the way, but with one of us to hold her hand (or in one case carry her piggy back for a few blocks) we did keep a pretty good pace with lots of hills.

Warm up: Totally Transverse then Tummysafe Kickboxing

So I’ve done this workout several times before, so I won’t break it down into too much detail. But what was most memorable this time was the closing series of Gate pose kicks. I really felt those kicks in my thighs and gluts. The first few times I did this workout, I wasn’t that crazy about it, but I think it’s growing on me.

15-30 minute run plus Simply Stretching

Well, I haven’t run since my 5K last year. Not really at all, mostly because to do it I must get up early and run in the near dark, which I don’t like. But one day my husband was home sick and the kids were napping so I figured, why not and I took a midday run. Wish I could do this every day, it felt great. I was able to run without stopping for about 15 minutes and then walk the rest of my route. I was very sore afterwards though, especially my abdominals. I’m going to chalk that up to a good thing because I was trying to really concentrate on engaging my abdominals.


Simple Stretching II

Since Simply Stretching is one of the few non-tummy safe workouts on Fit2B Studio, I opted for Simply Stretching II which is much longer but is totally tummy safe. I had run the day before and somehow hurt my foot so I appreciated the ease of the workout. This is a wonderful stretching workout. This is great as an evening meditation or a morning warm up as you get ready to start your day. I didn’t break a sweat much but I definitely felt my muscles in use. I found it soothing and rejuvenating. This is especially nice if you are feeling bloated or tired, perhaps recovering from being sick. Just remember to take it slowly and try and relax the whole way through. This is stretching, but as Beth Learn says you want to go for the “Ooo, not the Ow.”


Gentle Blend

So I don’t really have anything new to add about this workout. It is gentle and slow moving. Definitely a great choice if you are a bit sore, as I am from my run earlier this week. It didn’t aggravate the pain in my foot much (also caused by my run) and I felt like I got a good work out and even broke a bit of a sweat. I appreciated the way most movements had multiple levels so you could take it easy or really push yourself, depending on your mood and physical status.


Love Handles Lost & Totally Transverse

I’ve done Totally Transverse many times before so I won’t go into any more detail here. But I will say that somehow this workout never get old for me. Now Love Handles Lost was a new workout for me. I think I expected it to be a little more difficult, but it was a good total body work out. Lots of oblique action without twisting a still recovering core in damaging ways. Lots of use of the gate pose, which isn’t usually a favorite of mine, but it is growing on me; especially the way Beth Learn does alternating gate poses going directly from one side to the other. I’m reminded again how much I appreciate her cuing and reminding us how these alignments and positions can be kept in mind in everyday life. Sliding to get in and out of bed, getting up and down off the floor, all things that I do often in my day with small children. I find it easier to remind myself to engage my core doing many of these activities after so many weeks of Beth Learn’s reminders.

Week 5 took me a little longer to finish than I planned (almost two weeks really) thanks to a nasty cold virus that made the rounds of the whole family. Hopefully I’ll be feeling healthier as I tackle Week 6 and get ready to finish up Fit2B Advancing.


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