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Fit2B Beginning

I first did the original Fit2B Beginning pathway over a year ago. Since then, tons of great new workouts have been added to Fit2B, so I decided to do this pathway again as a sort of second trimester prenatal pathway. (As always, listen to your body. Each pregnancy is different and if something hurts or just doesn’t feel right, don’t do it or modify it).

I’m surprised by how hard it has been to keep up with my exercise goals this time around. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy fatigue or just the craziness of life with two, but some days it is really hard to simultaneously find the time and energy. But it’s reminding me that something is always better than nothing.

Week 1 Goal: Four 10-12 minute routines + PFC*

Choose a routine from “Sit & Get Fit”

I choose Chair Pilates, or if you are following this as part of a maternity exercise regimen, substitute Maternity Mix I if you wish, which is also a chair workout. I found this to be so soothing that I think I’ll be incorporating a chair workout or two a week as an evening cool down.

Ankles & Upper Body

I continue to love this workout. It works my upper body without making me sweat too much. While I know a longer workout would provide a more intense experience, sometimes all I have is ten minutes, so this is perfect.


I don’t have a true foam roller so that obvious affects my using of this workout.  (I use a rolled up yoga mat). But I still found it to be interesting. I don’t know that it will make my favorites list, but it’s still worth trying from time to time.

The Big {little} Band Workout

This is a fun little workout. I’ve always like resistance bands and it was fun to have a workout that incorporates them so centrally. (My six and three year old enjoyed grabbing my smallest bands and trying to do them along with me.) While I appreciate the short length of this workout that makes this easier to fit in anywhere, I look forward to a longer version in the future.

Pelvic Floor Connections

This is my second time doing this workout. It is certainly interesting. Since I never had too much trouble connecting with my pelvic floor it’s hard for me to say how well it works. I definitely have trouble relaxing my glutes sometimes though. The part at the end where you rest your sacrum on a stack of books, aggravated some of my pregnancy tail bone pain, but I think I’ll be able to avoid that in the future by lowering the stack a bit. I’ll definitely keep coming back to this one as a way of trying to keep my pelvic floor healthy during pregnancy.

Week One Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 10-15 minutes on two additional days.

I only managed one extra cardio session this week, for which I choose Basic Aerobics II. (I know, I do that one a lot. But I’m finding exercise to be a bit more challenging now that I’m past the twenty week mark, so I wanted to keep it simple).

Week 2 does get a bit harder, but I’m enjoying feeling all my muscles in use again and I’m hoping all this will help me keep healthy and active this pregnancy (and if I’m very lucky ward off a recurrence of gestational diabetes).  Whether you are trying Fit2B Beginning for the first time or joining me in working towards and active pregnancy, please come back and join me for Week 2.

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 1

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 2

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 3

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 4

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 5

Fit2B Beginning + Fit2B Mama: Week 6

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