Now that I’m five months past the birth of my son, I really wanted to get my exercise regime back together. It has been a real struggle. I’ve set a few ground rules for myself. Exercise only five days a week. Either I take weekends off or I can make up for a rough week, either way, I don’t feel the pressure to do every day yet. Sometimes I can’t think past today and my goal is, do SOMETHING today.

This is the first time doing a pregnancy and now postpartum period with Fit2B and I wasn’t sure where to start. But I’ve been wanting to review the new Foundational 5+ ecourse, so that seemed like an excellent way to start.

So where am I starting? At about 20 lbs above my ideal weight. Now, this program is NOT about weight loss. However, Beth encourage us to take waist measurements, as well as weigh ourselves before taking on this course. I have a diastasis measured at 2-3-1 (if you are new at this, that means approximately 3 fingers at the navel, two above and one below). When I was lucky enough to have Beth Learn measure my belly two weeks ago, she told me my separation is pretty deep and my muscles are very disconnected. (I credit the extra weight I carry around my middle for part of this). This is worse than I was hoping given all the core work I did during pregnancy trying to prevent this. I also have an umbilical hernia which grew larger during this third pregnancy than it was at the end of my second one.

Beth also encourages us to take pictures of our bellies. I’ll admit, I didn’t do that. Partially because I find seeing myself in a mirror a little bit distressing still. I look and feel so different than ever before, after this third child, which I’m still coping with. But I’ve been told by others that belly pictures can be encouraging as you can visually see the progress

One of the great things about this course is that if you aren’t sure if you want to join Fit2B, this is a great purchase. You get access to all the Foundational Five workouts, plus a few more. It’s a perfect way to get started. (It might also make a great gift for someone in your life looking to start or restart their fitness).

Next week I’ll begin reviewing the routines, and talking about how I feel as I return to fitness again. If you are just recovering from pregnancy or looking to start exercise again after a long break, please join me on this journey.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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