Wow, that took much longer than I thought it would. Things have been crazy around here for the last few weeks and my kids and I have just finally finished off our review of Fit2B Kids.

We didn’t get through all the workouts. (For some reason my daughter has zero interest in Princess Moves, go figure. Too bad, because it looks adorable.) My son has actually begun requesting his favorite workouts on Fit2B which is an exciting change to see.


Baby Balance
I like this workout a lot and judging by how often my kids fell on the floor, they clearly need it. I loved that there was a baby and toddler wandering in and out, as this pretty much real life at our house. It was a great reminder that I can exercise even in a small space, even with little ones under foot. I’d like to come back to this on with my daughter especially.

Floor Yoga for Teens & Tweens
This is really a great workout but keep the remote handy to pause. This made we aware of how poor my daughter’s posture is and how weak her core is. I paused a lot to help her find the correct position. This is definitely targeted to older kids. My five year old son had multiple meltdowns when he couldn’t do the movements fast enough. A 11 minute workout took us almost half an hour with all the stops to correct alignment and provide encouragement, but I thought it was a helpful lesson in patience and understanding for me and determination for my kids.

Animal Acrobats
This is a fun little workout, but unfortunately the recording quality is pretty poor. I’d love to see it refilmed though because the premise of doing different movements and poses based on animals is an easy connection for kids to make. My son enjoyed it especially.

Kids & Crackups
This is an odd little workout. It’s more an example of the kind movement fun you can do with your kids without really needing the routine once you’ve done it once or twice. But my son still got a kick out of trying it but he was a bit bored by the end and ready to move on to something else.


I still stand by my original premise that kids should just be kids, but I think Fit2B is a good compromise those times when you child either expresses interest in “doing a workout with Miss Beth like Mommy does” or when you need to calm them down or let them work some energy out on a house bound day. I’m sure we’ll be working our way through these again this winter, and I look forward to seeing more added as Fit2B continues to grow.


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