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I had planned to finish Week 5 of Fit2B Beginning this week, but, I decided to take a step back and do some more core building and relaxing workouts, while I wait on some chiropractic care for my every changing maternity body. Plus sometimes it never hurts to take a rest and recovery week.


Maternity Mix I

Soothing, slow moving mostly chair workout. Aside from the portion at the end on my back, this was a good choice for my recovery week. The side leg series was a little bit uncomfortable, but I survived as long as I moved carefully and tried to make sure to engage the right muscles.


Align it Flat

Returning to this has been so important since how my body moves has changed so much. This way I can reaffirm good alignment even as I continue to grow and know that I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances. (No doubt I ‘ll have to review all this again with my new postpartum body too).


Maternity Mix II

I love resistance band workouts and this is a good one. I found the length to be more manageable with my current loss of stamina, but at least I still felt like I was doing something. The side leg series was a little shorter, which I was very grateful for since I’ve been struggling with that especially.


Kelly’s Pregnancy Stretching

Sometimes when everything hurts, the only thing you can do is stretch. This is still one of my favorite choices for stretching. The Jesus pose at the end was a little bit difficult for my sacrum, but I managed. I just had to be careful getting in and out of it.


Maternity III

This was a much better Upper Body Workout than I anticipated. My triceps were quite sore the next day. But at the same time, it felt safe an attainable without injuring myself.


Neck Routine

There has been a lot of stress in my life lately. (Did I mention that my washer was broken for two weeks and that it took me even longer to get an insurance referral processed to get me in to see my chiropractor?) Since I carry a lot of stress in my neck, this was a welcome addition.


Kelly Dean’s Total Body Stretching

This felt great except for the Jesus pose at the end. I still can’t do anything that involves my sacrum being flat on the floor. Hopefully this will get better once I start getting some chiropractic treatment. Like the Pregnancy Stretching Video, you really don’t need the video to do these stretches. Just work them in throughout your day.

Hopefully next week I’ll be back to finish up the new Fit2B Beginning Pathway and then move on to more Fit2B Mama.


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