I had so much fun doing ½ workouts last week that I decided to try it again.


Tabata Part I

I love Tabata bit tjos workout by itself is just a little too long for my schedule right now, so I decided to break it up.

The first half of Tabata takes you as far as the squat series (in case you aren’t looking at the time on your video). It’s actually a very well balanced workout of upper and lower body, even if you only make it about 14 minutes in.


Tabata Part II

This isn’t quite as balanced of a workout, if you just do the second half. But it does still give you a little bit of everything. A lot more is done on the floor though. Which isn’t a problem, you’ll just want to make sure your exercise area is clear enough for that. (I know that when I’m short on time, one of the things I hate most is wasting my short exercise window cleaning up).


Kelly Dean’s Total Body Workout I

I honestly questioned whether dividing this workout up would be effective. It is one of my favorite workouts and when done in it’s entirely is well balanced and covers most of the major body areas. But Kelly does a great job alternating between core, upper body and lower body. If you stop at the 13 minute mark, which is almost precisely in the middle, (just after the power squeezes) you will get three sets of core exercises plus upper and lower body. While it was short, I still felt like I got a decent workout.


Kelly Dean’s Total Body Workout II

The second half of this workout was still surprisingly balanced. Not as much upper body, but still good. I expected it to be deficient in something, but Kelly managed to still cover core, upper and lower body. I love that she and Beth created a workout that can be done even in pieces. It makes it a perfect candidate to squeeze into your everyday life.

I definitely have to remember this trick for days when I’m short on time but still want a full body workout.


Wall Workout with Beth

So I knew this was likely too hard for me, but I’ve been wanting to try it. I modified heavily and there was no way I was going to be doing a handstand even supported by a wall. But it was nice to see something I can work toward. I also don’t have a very good wall (I have to use the front door) to do this on in my house, which makes it more unsteady and a bit less fun.


Kelly’s Floor Core

This workout was tough for me, but still worthwhile try. I still dislike doing most exercise that involves laying on my back. Firstly because if my kids are awake I get tackled, and secondly because the feel of my stomach is still rather disturbing to me.


Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

An old favorite stretching workout. If you’ve done it before you can fast forward some of the teaching parts and still get a good workout. I try to do many elements of this workout every day, as I work toward the long term goal of healing my diastasis.


During the course of the last six weeks, I’ve finally begun getting up early again. (Though not every week, darn you late night meetings and PMS exhaustion). The good news about this is that if I can remain disciplined, I will be able to start fitting in longer workouts, and therefore go into Fit2B Advancing from here. Sometimes your body may be ready for the challenge but your schedule isn’t. That is what I love about Fit2B. There are lots of different length workouts and various ways to modify those routines to find something that fits both the level your body is at and the time you have to do it.


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