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Right now you are probably feeling one of two ways. Either, “Wow, running is easier than I thought.” Or “Oh dear God this is so much harder than I figured, how will I ever run 3.2 miles/5K?” Both are normal. The first time I did a Couch to 5K I made the mistake of pushing myself too hard too early. The intervals are there for a reason. Use them, let your body build up to them. If it feels easy, great. Now you have more energy to put into your Fit2B workouts on other days. If it feels really hard, don’t worry it will get easier. If the running intervals in Week 2 seem far too hard, then you can always lapse back to Week 1 and give yourself longer to work up.

Day 1

Running Day

Core Wake Up

Run 2 min, Walk 2 min; repeat 7 times


Day 2

Weight Training Day

Ankles & Upper Body

Totally Transverse


Day 3

Running Day

Mula Banda

Run  2 min, Walk 2 min; repeat  6 times


Day 4

Weight Training Day

Kelly Dean’s Wall Workout

Totally Transverse II


Day 5

Running Day

Vertical Core Training

Run 2 min, Walk 2 min; repeat 8 times


Day 6

Long Cardio Day

Kelly’s Core Cardio

Align It Flat


Day 7

Stretching Day

Basic Transverse & Mula Banda

Neck Routine


However this week turns out, try to be excited about this new thing you’re trying. You won’t be good at it in the beginning. I remember seeing my staggering shadow on the pavement and thinking I must look a fool as a I panted down the street. (I probably still do). Don’t worry how you appear to others. It’s not about them or what they think of you. You are doing this for yourself and for your family so you can be strong in all the ways you need to be. Be encouraged and run on.

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