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This is the week where it all starts to feel terribly real. Yes, we really are running, a lot and without stopping much in between. But if you’ve been keeping up the progression, you should be starting to feel like you actually can do this. But if it still feels way too hard (as in you can’t breathe, keep your core engaged or you’ve developed any kind of recurring pain) please feel free to take a step back. Don’t feel bad. It’s better to take the journey more slowly than to injure yourself in the process.

Day 1

Running Day

Totally Transverse

Run 15 min, Walk 5 min; twice

Bonus: Pilates in Pajamas


Day 2

Weight Training Day

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

Tummy Safe Transitions


Day 3

Running Day

Mula Banda

Run 15 min, Walk 5 min, Run 10 min

Bonus: Thigh Workout


Day 4

Weight Training Day

Body Sculpting

Squat Prep


Day 5

Running Day

Totally Transverse II

Run 20 min, Walk 5 min, run 15 min

Bonus: Backside Burner


Day 6

Long Cardio Day

Tabata Ball Workout


Day 7

Stretching Day

Simply Stretching

Kelly’s Floor Core Routine


This week looks tough, but those Fit2B workouts prepare you more than you think. I was pleasantly surprised by how far I was able to run this week. Best tip, don’t be a clock watcher. Just run the best you can and avoid looking to see how much longer you have to run. Don’t even worry about how far you are running until you are done. Just keep pushing yourself just a little further and see what happens. Half the time, I’m running two or three miles just a block or two at the time. As in “Ok, just a few more blocks and then I can stop and walk if I need to. . . Oh, wow, I’m still OK. Let’s go a few more blocks.” Before I know it, I’m running miles without stopping and you will too. Just keeping plugging away and don’t forget to keep doing Fit2B whenever you can. That core strength will really help carry you through.


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