Hey, you did it! You made it to the final week. If you haven’t already, this is the week where you’ll finally run 5k without stopping. But even if you don’t, that’s OK. Don’t lose sight of all that you’ve accomplished. Some of you weren’t runners before, some of you still aren’t. But you wouldn’t be reading these posts if you weren’t serious about taking new fitness challenges. Congratulations, you’re making your body stronger and fitter. As Kelly Dean always says, we’re not made for exercise we’re made for life. That’s the goal of all of this, to be stronger so we can handle whatever we need to in our everyday lives.

Day 1

Running Day

Tummy Safe Transitions

Run 20 min, Walk 5 min, Run 15 min


Day 2

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning


Day 3

Running Day

Bethany’s Wall Workout

Run 10 min, Walk 3 min, Run 20 min


Day 4

Peaceful Blend


Day 5

Running Day

Totally Transverse II

Run 5K non-stop (approximately 30-50 minutes depending on your speed).


Day 6

Stretching Day

PMS Routine


Day 7

Rest and Celebrate!




OK, so if you aren’t actually scheduled for a 5K, then just try for your longest run to date just to see if you can do it. That’s 3.2 miles which is a big step for someone who hadn’t been a runner before. When I finished my 5K I usually take a break from running for a while. In the past it’s been six months or more before I tried running again. (Part of that had to do with the really rough winter we had last year). But I’m not sure what I’ll do this time. Part of me is relieved that I’m not “in training” any more. But part of me wants to keep doing it, just for the experience. Just for fun. It sounds crazy, I know, running for fun. But it’s worth a try anyway.

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Fit2B Running: Fit2B Studio Meets Couch to 5K

 Fit2B Running: Week 1

Fit2B Running: Week 2 

Fit2B Running: Week 3

Fit2B Running: Week 4

Fit2B Running: Week 5

Fit2B Running: Week 6

Fit2B Running: Week 7


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