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For the last few weeks I’ve been working on strengthening my arms. I’ve never enjoyed weight lifting but I know that I need more strength just to wrangle my two year old. If I’m honest there is a little bit of vanity in play as well, in that I’d really like to have nicer looking arms too. Beth Learn’s challenge is that doing one of these workouts twice a week for 6-8 weeks will transform your arms. I’ve been working on these for two or three weeks and my arms do look different. I wouldn’t say transformed, but maybe that’s yet to come.

 Biceps Desk Workout

Quick, simple to the point. This was actually my first workout from the office path. I wish I’d known about these when I was working. This would have made a great break during the day instead of run to the vending machine.


Kelly Dean’s Wall Workout

I used to think this wasn’t that great a workout because it was so short and appeared basic. I was wrong. I really went overboard the previous day (Ultimate Upper Body was way more difficult than I remembered) and I was really feeling it today. I was able to do this work out without pain, but it definitely challenged my upper arms. I also appreciated that it didn’t include any weights, so this is a great choice if you are on the go. It might even work in an office environment as well. The alternating between upper and lower body allowed me to push my muscles but then still rest between reps so I didn’t start using bad form due to fatigue. The core component? Still very challenging.


 Tricep Training Office Workout

Another office workout, this time for the triceps. I really appreciate the brevity and accessibility of these. I wish I could get my husband to do these at work. He is a computer programmer and mostly gets up from his desk to go to the restroom or get something to eat from the kitchen. Maybe this would give him something to do instead of grab another snack.


Ankles & Upper Body
I enjoyed this workout for two reasons. One, it did work my calves and my arms but without me breaking a sweat. I know I was working but it was a gentle exertion. I will always thing of this workout as “The one I did in a dress.” The short length made it easy for me squeeze in before I ran out the door to a morning meeting. But I was already dressed to go (in a dress no less, which used to be a rarity for me). However, it was actually great. No sweat, to muss, still a good workout.


Dumbbell Workout

I’ll be honest, I don’t love this workout. But I also know it’s one of Bethany’s older ones. I definitely miss the music. It’s not a bad workout but there are so many better upper body workouts to use.


Ultimate Upper Body

I always think that Insane Upper Body sounds scarier and more challenging than Ultimate Upper Body, but this is actually just as difficult. This workout continues to challenge me. It’s really just your upper body, and half the workout is done sitting down, so it’s best when combined with another lower body workout. I like it after I’ve done some time on the stationary bike. I had to try really hard to do these movements properly. They aren’t hard and I wasn’t even using really heavy weights, but doing each exercise slowly and correctly takes a lot of effort, especially if you want to make sure your core is being used properly. I probably would have liked a little more tricep action, because that is a problem area of mine. But we’ll see how I look after a few weeks.


Kelly Dean’s Total Body Toning

So when this came up on the Pathway to Amazing Arms I was confused. I didn’t remember this really being an arm workout. But it challenged me as much, if not more than any of the other exclusively upper body workouts. Similar to her Wall Workout, Kelly Dean moves between upper body and lower body in this workout, adding sections of just core work in between. All done entirely standing, this a great choice if you aren’t in a position to do floor work. (Such as being attacked by little people, as I often am). The first time I did this during Fit2B Beginning I wasn’t impressed but returning to this after abdominal rehab I have a new appreciation for this workout.

It involves no weights or equipment so you can start exercising without wasting valuable time looking for your dumb bells (or cans of soup, as Beth Learn would say). I couldn’t get through the various arm series without a quick break. Definitely a good addition to this pathway.

Insane Upper Body

This was a little harder than I remembered this time around. Probably because I had taken a bit of time off while I was doing my core rehab. Truth be told, I probably let my core bulge maybe once or twice and I probably should have started with something easier. But after doing 30 minutes on the stationary bike and Totally Transverse II, I wanted to squeeze in a short but challenging upper body workout. This may not be insane, but it is definitely short and challenging. I love that so many of these workouts are on the short side. I have two small children. So this fits (ha, small joke there) well into my daily schedule.


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