I’m working through the first week of the Tummy Safe Path to Great Abs. This is a great transition from the Foundational Five. It allow you to progress in your movement while still emphasizing core engagement, and being totally tummy safe to avoid straining an abdominal separation.

Core Wake Up

This is a very short workout, but still a great ab alignment opportunity. If you are so busy that you only have five minutes, this is perfect for you. In this video Bethany Learn issues a challenge: Take a belly measurement then do this every day for two weeks, and see if you notice a difference. This is also part of the corporate wellness center and office workout pathway. While I don’t know that I would have actually done these while I was working, except maybe when I had a semi-private office, I still think it’s a great concept to create short workouts that can more easily be done throughout the day, wherever you are.


Vertical Core Training

Another workout from the Fit2B Corporate Wellness Venture. Contrary to the title, this isn’t done entirely standing. The first half is done sitting. This incorporates some of the same kind of exercises and instruction as Totally Transverse and Totally Transverse II. Bethany does a good job of explaining everything as though you’ve never done anything like this before. Another great workout if you only have a few minutes and are somewhere other than home. If you don’t mind a few stares you could probably do this is a waiting room at a doctor’s office via your smart phone.


Tummy Safe Transitions

I enjoy this workout so much that I’ve decided to make it an honorary member of the Foundational Five. (Which I guess would make it the Foundational Six, though I think I prefer this over Align It Flat). This was the first workout that I transitioned to after finishing the Foundational Five the first time I attempted Fit2B Beginning. I still love it. It has a certain level of difficulty without overtaxing a still healing core. It’s just the right length when you don’t have much time but want more than Totally Transverse or Mula Bandha. I put this into my regular rotation.


Squat Prep Tips

So this is really more a demo than a workout, but still worth your time. It really breaks down how to do a proper squat. Quality is really better than quantity in this area. Bethany focuses on analyzing why squatting is so hard for many of us because of our tight calves and how to help improve our flexibility in this area. She also discusses general foot and leg health through what we wear on our feet. While I don’t know that I agree with all of it, she had some great tips to offer. This really helped me be more aware of what I need to do if I want to be able to squat more effectively, not just in my workouts, but in my life.


Kelly’s Floor Care Routine

This continues to be both a difficult and yet relaxing workout. I’m a little surprised to see it so early in the Tummy Safe path. It is definitely easier to work the core standing. This isn’t a bad workout though, but it requires constant vigilance in a way that is reminiscent of my pre-tummy safe ab work. But as Kelly points out in this video, it is a good option when you want some floor work or are in a group class and everyone else is on the floor doing crunches. But aside from those reasons, it’s not one I usually include in my rotation, though it does have a somewhat relaxing component to it.


Gentle Blend

This workout is gentle, as the title indicates, but it still really makes me work. It might be because this is the first longer workout that I’ve done in a while, but honestly I think I’m also working harder because I’m properly using my muscles. Coming back to some of these familiar workouts after taking a break to do abdominal rehab with the Tummy Team has really changed the way that I look at these workouts. Don’t get me wrong, Bethany Learn does a great job. But the core intensive work of rehab with the Tummy Team produces awareness of alignment and core engagement in a way that, hopefully will affect the way you do everything, not just work out.


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