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This is the time when it is most tempting to do too much. If the first week went well, the tendency is to ramp it up too fast. But this program will slowly build in difficulty, so follow along and you will find yourself strong enough when the time comes. Also, if for some reason, things still feel too difficult, don’t hesitate to repeat earlier, easier workouts. Every body is different, and yours may take longer to heal than you expect.

Lesson 6: Kelly’s Total Body Stretching

If I could do this everyday, I would. In fact, I try as many of these stretches as possible into my everyday routine. Once you know the routine well, you can do the stretches without the video or fast forward through some of the talking to back it a little faster.


Lesson 7: Totally Transverse II

This is faster moving than Totally Transverse, but short enough that it’s easy to fit in anywhere. I try to fit this one in at least once a week or so. I especially like the rib shifting in all four directions.


Lesson 8: Double Down – Totally Transverse & Align it Flat

Doing this two workouts in the same day can be quite difficult when you are rebuilding your core. I’m enjoying the recently refilmed Totally Transverse and Align it Flat is a continued necessity. It is a little slow moving for me. But it never fails to help me improve my posture and alignment as I go through my day.


Lesson 9 Daily Double – Mula Bandha & Totally Transverse II

This two workouts feel  like a complete core rehab powerhouse, focusing on both the transverse and the pelvic floor. Filmed at the same time and in similar styles, the two naturally go together. I try to do them back to back if possible, to work on my stamina. But there are also benefits to doing one in the morning and one in the evening.


Lesson 10

Transitions + 1

Transitions is the first thing I’ve done since my son was born that actually feels like real exercise. I didn’t go all out, I chose the easier levels Beth suggested, but I finished the whole workout. It make me feel good to really use my whole body.

I choose Kelly’s Total Body Stretching as my +1, because let’s face it, it’s hard to remember to stretch and I always seem to need it.


I continue to struggle with time. I just can’t seem to find it. There are so many things I need to finish on a daily basis that I have to make choices between good things, all of which should theoretically happen. I need to exercise. I need to feed the baby. I need to pump. I need to do school with the kids. I need to shower. I need to do the laundry and so on and so forth. Sometimes exercise doesn’t happen. I hate that because I really miss it. It makes me feel better to do it. But sometimes my needs have to fall behind those of the rest of the family. Needs like food to eat and clean clothes to wear. Though in the case of the baby and I, our needs do overlap. If I’m not healthy, I can’t take care of him. If I don’t eat and sleep, I can’t make enough milk. If I don’t pump, my supply goes down. The constant balancing act has me feeling wobbly all over.

But this course has been a great way to get myself back on the path to a regular, healthy exercise habit.

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