This chapter couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Since I have been working part time, I find it very difficult to avoid the lure of the cozy on none work days. It’s been cold and snowy here and after two days of hauling my kids through snow and slush and then getting myself back and forth to work, I want to spend the other days of the week in yoga pants and a comfy top. I have been recommitting myself to regular exercise, so it is important that I get myself into my workout clothes first thing in the morning. My struggle is getting out of them again. I notice this same pattern in my children. My daughter would rather spend a cold day in her fleece pajamas than to bother putting on clothes.

Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

Not unlike a uniform, when we dress for the day we are stepping into our role. It helps get us into a mindset to be more efficient.  I know that I will feel better about myself and probably get more done when I intentionally dress for the day.

Challenges I’ve Pursued

I’m determined that this week I will manage to exercise in the mornings and still get dressed. This is a tall order with all the chaos that fills our days lately. But perhaps my efforts to prepare my mind and body for the day will help create some calm. I’m also going to take this chapter’s advice and try to lay my clothes out the night before. That way I’m not as tempted to hangout it workout clothes all day.

Do you find yourself tempted to spend the day in your comfy clothes rather than getting dressed? Do you notice a difference when you do get dressed?

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