This week the workouts were definitely more intense. Fortunately there were also only three of them, and just one recommended day of 20-25 minutes cardio.

Ultimate Upper Body felt very useful, given how much weight I have to lift on a given day. I’m hoping that in a few months I’ll find hauling laundry baskets, lifting toddlers and carrying groceries a bit easier. I’ve never done much work on my upper body except for ballet positions and some toning a few years back which resulted in tendonitis in my shoulder. But I’m realizing how much having strength can be a benefit when raising two kids.

I love Ab Attack. After spending the last year almost afraid to do any concentrated abdominal exercise except for the Foundational Five, it felt great to really work on my abs again. When I found out I had a diastasis and that may of the exercises I was doing were actually making it worse, I was seriously bummed. I thought that if I kept doing enough Pilates it would get me back in pregnancy shape. But it just wasn’t working. So my focus became more internal than external. I was trying to heal my muscles so they could be strong again. While I can’t claim a miracle, my abdominal separation has shrunk, but it is still there. But I am now confident that I can work on strengthening my abs again.

I felt so excited that I actually added the Aerobics II workout after Ab Attack just to get my heart rate up. It felt good to be putting in 30 minutes of solid exercise again. I know it is going to get harder to fit these workouts into my schedule, but it makes me feel accomplished. For me, half of exercise is the psychology of it.

Balanced workout is my favorite so far. It was very physically challenging and yet not complicated. I wasn’t bouncing all over my living room, rather the opposite. It involved a lot of balancing in place while using weights. Definitely one I will come back to. Used both upper and lower body and right around the 20 minute mark, which is about as much as my kid can handle before a crisis occurs, and also not too long to be managed after the kids go to bed when I’m usually quite exhausted.

So week three down, two more to go.

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