It’s been a little overwhelming lately, realizing that our baby will be here in around 6 weeks. That being said, I can hardly wait. This past weekend we were trying to focus on doing a few basic tasks to get ready for the baby.

Pre-Installing the car seat: We are trying to decide if the new car seat will be for our daughter or the new baby. That will be determined by how it fits rear facing. My daughter’s car seat was a bit snug rear facing, forcing the passenger seat to have less leg room than we would have liked. (It worked OK for me, but I’m on 5’2’). If the new car seat takes up less space rear facing, then it will go to the new baby. If not, our daughter will get it, and the baby will use her old one. (By old, I do mean less than three years old). It appears based on the preliminary install that the car seat will go to our son, at least for the next year or two.

Preparing baby room: The baby’s room has become a bit of a dumping ground for the past few months, but we’ve slowly been starting to change that. Now the focus is on getting the bed made, hanging any last minute decorations and putting away baby clothes. I’ve received some handmedowns from a few generous friends, so the larger size ones may have to be packed away until later since they won’t all fit in the dresser. I also need to wash the handmedowns as well as my stash of infant cloth diapers currently being stored in the attic. Fortunately I’ve already begun cleaning the few neutral clothes we have left from when our daughter was a newborn. I’m still in the process of washing and putting away some of the clothes but other than that the room is close to being ready. Two large storage totes are housing the clothes and diapers that the baby has yet to grow into. The bed is made and the mobile is installed. Only some vacuuming and a few other small details (like hanging a bit of wall décor) and the room will be ready. Maybe now that the baby’s room is ready the baby will be ready to come out that much sooner.