While I felt like trying to organize my very full freezer was rather a lost cause I was willing to tackle this challenge anyway.

First challenge: clear the front of my fridge. This wasn’t exactly fully successful. While I do have a wall calendar where I make note of all of my appointments, I do obsessively keep my appointment cards. I also have some business cards that I like to keep close at hand. I plan to make or buy a French memo board to store these kinds of items in the near future, but so far I have to settle for keeping them in some organized way on the fridge. I’m also not a huge fan of picture cards on the fridge but I know that my husband and daughter really like them. Especially the pictures of relatives my daughter rarely sees. So again, I must settle for laying them out in an organized fashion. But I tried to make the front of the refrigerator look more presentable.

Organizing the inside of the fridge was difficult as well. I moved quickly, trying to avoid anything being left out too long. Fortunately we’d already disposed of most expired foods during the power outage we have last fall. But I quickly perused the leftovers collection to make sure there was nothing spoiled. I’m mostly trying to keep the bottom shelf as a leftovers zone, but I know it won’t always be that cut and dried. Again, I tried to clean quickly, but I know it isn’t as clean as it should be. Though at least it’s cleaner than it was. The refrigerator is about midway full as we are going grocery shopping at the end of the week and we only shop every two weeks.

My freezer was another challenge all together. I took out most the items and tried to find a way to arrange them better. Only major changes include putting all of the meat and all of the cheese together to make things easier to find. The box of Skinny Cow treats takes up quite a large space, but this is only temporary, as these are a special treat because they are compatible with my gestational diabetes diet. Mostly we already keep the frozen veggies in the door. I don’t like storing many things in the door at all, but it is easier to see what our stock of veggies is like when it can be seen so easily.

So now I have a reorganized fridge and freezer and we’ll see how long it will last. Sadly, I’m already finding counter clutter is coming back to haunt me and the dishes, compost and recycling are still prone to piling up. But I’m not ready to give up yet.