About a month ago CBS Eye on Parenting did a report comparing disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Unfortunately the coverage was woefully one-sided and inaccurate on the cloth diaper side. After a strong response from the cloth diapering community, reporter Natali Morris agreed to a one month cloth diaper trial.

Post challenge, Morris brought FuzziBunz founder Tereson Dupuy on the program to show many of the modern cloth diapering options available. While it was obviously still a short segment and hardly makes up for years of negativity about cloth diapers pedaled by the main stream media, it was one of the only times I can remember cloth diapers being featured in a mainstream fashion with a positive spin. Morris calls herself a total convert and now loves using FuzziBunz.

Now if only we could get chain stores like Babiesrus and Buy Buy Baby to carry cloth diapers we might be able to start making cloth diapers a contender for so many families.