I know that I do sometimes discuss my books and my writing in this space, but I don’t often talk about my local promotions of my work. This weekend I have my first book signing. I know this sounds a little funny since my book technically came out last year. Last year I was determined to publish my book because I had put it off for too long. We had several road blocks to getting it published and available to the public, but I pushed it through because I wasn’t willing to wait another year. (In fairness I should credit my wonderful husband who was the one who did most of the pushing as well as designing my cover.  I probably would have quit if not for him). As a result of all the last minute craziness, I didn’t do much promoting of my book last year. I did a blog post, some Facebook up marketing and a tweet or two, but that was really it.

This year is different. I was determined that I would have a local book signing and do a better job of promoting my book via social media.  I was lucky enough to arrange a book signing with local book seller Moravian Book Shop. If you are a follower of The Laundry List and local to the Lehigh Valley area, please feel free to join us on Saturday from 1-3 p.m. I’d love to connect with some readers in person. The Moravian Book Shop is an amazing place and is much more than your average bookstore and Main Street Bethlehem is a wonderful place to do your Christmas shopping or just soak in some of the early holiday spirit. Please invite your friends, family, neighbors, Ok anyone really. But seriously I think this book is for everyone.. If you’ve never celebrated Advent before and you are wondering why anyone would write about book about doing so? Don’t worry, there will be a blog series coming soon all about that.

For those of you spread out across the country who won’t be in the area this Saturday, thanks for your support.  If it weren’t for this blog and the faithful readers who come here to share my words, I probably would never have published this book.  Thank you again.