I was determined to get back into shape after I weaned my son. Almost from the moment I weaned him my bodies daily calorie needs plummeted, therefore even eating less than before (I was always starving when breastfeeding) I still couldn’t keep away the weight creep. Then one day my friend posted on Facebook about Fit2B Studios. She was doing their pregnancy workouts and was very pleased. I decided to check out their site. I found the section on diastasis awareness. I knew that I had had an abdominal separation when I was pregnant with my daughter, but once I went back to doing pilates I recovered nicely. So when I noticed a soft, mushy gap in my middle after my son was born I figured things would return on their own in time. Except it didn’t. I lost the weight without much of a problem (though I did have a little help from an awful stomach bug). But the gap was still there.


Then I began to exercise heavily again, trying to compensate for weight creep after I weaned my son. I used my usual workouts like Pilates, but also tried running with my Wii Fit. So I was able to mostly keep my weight stabilized and even lose a little but it didn’t seem to have any impact on my middle. If anything, it seemed like I had a more prominent bulge and I discovered a small umbilical hernia.


So when I found the section on diastasis on the Fit2B studio website I followed the instructions for diagnosing the condition of my abs. I noted a 3 finger separation and it felt deep. I was totally freaked out. What could I do? While my abs were still decently strong, I was concerned about the long term effects of an untreated abdominal separation and I didn’t want it to get worse during any future pregnancies. I hemmed and hawed for a while about whether to join Fit2B studios after I tried their complementary Totally Transverse workout. Then I had the opportunity to purchase the Ultimate Homemaking e-bundle, which was a phenomenal deal in its own right, but also included a two month free trial of Fit2B studios. So off I went.


I started with the Tummy Safe path. Once those started to feel a little bit easy I opted to use the Fit2 B Beginning path and now I’m combining Fit2B Advancing (still sticking to mostly tummy safe workouts) with my own personal couch to 5K challenge.


Fit2B studios monthly price is quite good for what they offer. 60+ workouts and more being offered all the time. $9.99 a month or $99 a year.  As of August 2013, they will finally have their own Roku channel, which I am very excited about.


They also have an affiliate program. (This is where I note that if you use the coupon code in this post to sign up I financially benefit in a small way. But mostly you benefit by receiving a discount and taking advantage of this great resource to help improve your health. If you are interested in Fit2B studios I’d appreciate if you use the code laundryblog when you join, as it helps financially support my blog and by extension my family.) I’m pleased to be able to offer my blog readers a discount on their Fit2B Studios memberships. Just enter the code laundryblog and you can join Fit2B Studios for a 30% savings on a one year membership, getting 12 months for less than $7 a month.


I’ve been using Fit2B studios for several months and the main reason I even became an affiliate is because I have been really pleased with this company. I have asked so many questions of Bethany Learn (the main instruction and one of the two owners of Fit2B Studios) and she always provides prompt and informative answers.


If you have any questions about Fit2B Studios from a user perspective I’d be happy to answer them. This has been a great experience for me and I’m hoping to keep using them for a long time to come.