The 2017 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is back for one day only! Here are the parts of this course that I think make it most worth it to grab the deal today.

I have bought several Ultimate Bundles in the last couple of years. At first I tried read all the products, use all the courses and take advantage of all the bonus offers. That was unbelievably overwhelming and I ended up feeling guilty for not taking full advantage of all the great resources.

But since then I’ve changed my perspective. I start by looking over the bundle to see if there are a number of products or resources I already planned to purchase (or have been waiting to purchase) that are included. Usually this means that based on the total amount those courses usually cost individually, I’m getting a great deal on those courses. Then I focus on using those first, then I move on to any others that look particularly interesting and I simply let the rest go (or gift them to friends I think will enjoy them).


Cozy Minimalist Decorating Class by Myquillyn Smith ($39.00)

I’ll be writing more about my experience with this course in the next month or two, but the short version is I love it. I first tried the Cozy Minimalist Kids portion of the course and loved it so much I immediately joined the wait list for the mainstream course. It has been so helpful for figuring out my personal style, what works for my family and a way to make our new home feel like ours. The Facebook group is one of my favorite aspects because it gives you access to help from others (not the least of which is The Nester, Myquillyn Smith, who regularly chimes in with suggestions and possible solutions to the lovely limitations we each have in our homes). I should also note, that this course normally costs more than the whole bundle, so if that was all you used, you’d still be getting a deal!


Fit2B Studio Foundational 5 + ecourse ($19)

I love Fit2B Studio! I’ve maintained my membership for years because it is one of the most useful resources for keeping healthy exercise in my crazy life and making sure I’m prioritizing tummy safe fitness and healthy alignment throughout my day. Beth Learn is amazing and her gentle, encouraging approach to fitness has made me feel more secure in my own journey to strength and wellness. That being said, I remember being nervous about taking the plunge to join. I was worried that I wouldn’t use it or it would be a waste of my money. (Heads up, did use it and money well spent). So this e-course is a great chance to get your feet wet. This course gives you access to 9 different Fit2B routines (several of which are my personal favorites that I continue to use even after years of membership). While this course alone may not make the bundle purchase worth it, combined with so many other wonderful resources it definitely adds great value.


The Temper Toolkit: How to Take Control of Your Temper Before You Lose it!
by Lisa-Jo Baker ($29.00)

I’m a long time follower of Lisa-Jo Baker’s and I recently helped launch her new book, Never Unfriended. (We also watched the video teaching she did for MOPS International about anger at a recent meeting of my local MOPS group, and it was fantastic). So naturally I was very excited to see that her new course The Temper Toolkit was included in the bundle. This is one of the only products that I haven’t personally tried yet that I still strongly recommend because I have yet to read anything of Lisa-Jo’s that I didn’t love. So I’m going to include it in my list of products that make this course worth buying.


Really, this is an especially good bundle and I could write a whole series of posts are how many great products are in it and that makes the price even more fantastic. But for the sake of brevity, I’m just going to say, buy it! You won’t be sorry. Don’t expect to use all of it, but if you pick out the resources you love most, I think you’ll find it well worth it.


The post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.