After twelve anxious weeks of waiting, I am pleased to announce that we are expecting our second child. As some of your will remember, this is my third pregnancy, as I had a miscarriage back in March.  While still somewhat nervous and apprehensive, my husband and I are also excited about the prospect of finally expanding our family. As things currently stand, the baby should arrive in early March. We’ve already had an ultrasound that showed normal growth and a beating heart. I had forgotten how hard the first trimester can be. The nausea and exhaustion have been worse than I experienced in either of my previous pregnancies. I’ve been lucky if I manage to get through the day without vomiting, let alone cooking meals (or writing blog posts). I’m hopeful that the second trimester will lead to more energy. In the meantime I’m going to have to get used to thinking of us as a soon-to-be family of four.