After finally recovering from overwork, stomach bugs and a ridiculous amount of snow fall. I finally got back to my workout goals. It was definitely enjoyable to try some new workouts.

Tummy Safe Tabata

Personally I find Tabata to be a rather repetitive and somewhat boring method of exercise. But Bethany Learn does her best to keep it interesting, by recommending various arm and leg positions throughout the workout. But is a good workout. I definitely felt it as the end.

I did the workouts out of order this week, which is totally OK, though I know the order is intentional. The Gentle Blend was nice. It would probably have been better suited to an evening workout sans children however.

I was excited to see the Balanced workout has returned as a daily double. So how do I do daily double? Usually both at once. I like the idea of doing them at different times each day, but I know that reality is that I’m more likely to actually do them if I do them back to back. Which means Friday is usually my day.

Align It Flat is more informational than it is a serious workout. It is still work, mind you, especially if you have been off the workout circuit for a while. But it was a good choice to use it as part of the daily double since I find it to be too simple on it’s own

Balanced is such a simple workout, but as I did it a second time, I realized what a challenging workout it really is. I’m not necessarily a fan of “feeling” workout the next day. Sometimes that means we’ve done damage or pushed out bodies too hard. But that being said, I did feel this one for the next few days, especially in my inner thighs.

What I didn’t get to do this week was much cardio. I now have to decide whether to be satisfied with that and move on, or repeat the week with the goal of getting through all the workouts and doing the optional cardio days.

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