IMG_0638For all of my grand plans of well thought out posts filled with useful information and thought provoking discussion, sometimes the words just come pouring out every which way. Apparently Wednesdays are becoming like this. It’s raining today. We have nowhere in particular to be. My daughter and I have already done circle time and the baby has taken one short nap. I chose Beach Boys radio on Pandora which seems to encourage the kids in their high energy pursuits. There have been bubbles, playing in the rain, and much indoor screaming. My daughter sits on one side of our coffee table, my son on the other. He quickly pushes the books off the shelves when he realizes they also make good windows. She screams. He laughs. I cringe. I want to tell them to stop. But instead I stop. She screams again, and he laughs harder as this strange and raucous game of peek-a-boo through the wooden coffee table windows continues. Brian Wilson sings Good Vibrations and I realize remember a great quote from Preschoolers and Peace the other day. “Say yes, more than you say no.” The screaming didn’t last long, just a few minutes, soon replaced by galloping. No one was injured. Happy playing and loving sibling relations occurred. Some clean laundry was spilled on the floor, but that happens most days anyway.  I could sit here and wish for quiet, wish for moments alone to recharge, worry that I might have to go back to work soon, or just enjoy the moment, however brief, of watching my children play together. Tomorrow (and the day after and the one after that) will provide plenty of time for everything else. This day will only happen once.