What your mama did that made her yours.

Ok, so I realize I just called my mother a nag. (And since she will probably read this I feel the need to briefly defend myself). Nag is perhaps too strong a word. But she was the kind of Mom who would remind you and then even rescue you every now and then. She spent most of my childhood reminding me to wear my seat belt, bike helmet and sunscreen. She got us to our various events and activities on time and helped us study for more exams than I can probably count. Generally she got after us to do what we needed to do and what we had promised to do. As a kid it drove me nuts, even more so as a teen when I thought I did a pretty good job of managing myself. As an adult she still sometimes reminds me to do things like file my tax return, spend extra time reading to my daughter and make sure the baby doesn’t get hurt in his exploration of the world. At first it seemed like she continued to offer her reminders because she thought I was a bad mom, but I realized that it’s because she is a good mom. She can’t stop being a mom even though I’m going to be 30 years old next month. She can’t stop being a mom even though she is now a grandmother three times over. She can’t stop being nagging, reminding and generally giving her advice because for her it is as easy as breathing. I wouldn’t say she nagged us growing up, I’d say that she loved us enough to nag us sometimes and the rest of the time she just loved us. I’ve read more articles than I can count about how nagging doesn’t work. But you know what? I always wear my seat belt and my bike helmet. I rarely forget sunscreen on myself or the kids. The taxes always get done on time. Something sunk in and well I remind my daughter for the umpteenth time to brush her teeth and not to step on her brother I know I am in good company.