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It can be so discouraging when we are waiting.

This year I’m the coordinator of a local chapter of MOPS. The theme is Starry Eyed, which I wasn’t crazy about at first. So I began to pray, and God brought to my mind the story of Abraham in the book of Genesis.

God took Abraham out under the night sky and promised him his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. Except that Abraham had no descendants and he and his wife, Sarah were well beyond childbearing age. The facts of his situation appeared to contradict the promises God was making to him. So this year, my take on the theme has been that the stars are a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us, even when our situations don’t seem to reflect that faithfulness.

Our pastor preached last week about ungodly beliefs that we may be harboring in our lives. He talked about discerning the difference between the facts of our situation and making unbiblical assumptions based on those facts. He gave the example of a young woman who said that everyone in her family gets divorced, so she expected that her husband would eventually cheat on her and the same would happen to them.

It can be so easy to allow our minds to spiral down into worst first thinking. We each have our own areas of untrue beliefs or superstitions that we carry. I liken it to looking down into the mud as we are trudging through the trenches, instead of looking up at the sky. It’s easy to lose our way and begin to the believe that there is nothing else out there for us, except the difficulties we see in front of us.

The stars may seem far off, but they represent the faithfulness of God, who always fulfills his promises to us, even if it is in impossible ways that we could never imagine.