Deciding to get dressed every day, and commit to that is the turning point. Not getting dressed is easier. But then we don’t get the benefits that come with the work. Yes, it is work, but it is worthwhile because by now, if we didn’t before, we should know our why.

There are still days when I’d rather not make that decision. When I’ve had a restless night, ignored my morning alarm and suddenly the children are up and clamoring for attention. I hit the ground already feeling like my day is a failure. It feels easier just to start the morning chores without taking those few minutes to get dressed. Make the kids wait. Put off that morning load of laundry just a little longer. Give yourself enough time to feel human and preferably feminine before you plunge into the fray. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Inspiration I’ve Imbibed

Sometimes I find it hard to give up the time, because it will take time. Sometimes it means I don’t get to eat breakfast alone or giving up the quiet moments of the morning nap or the last ten minutes of sleep before the first child is up. Yes, it is one more thing. Accept it. Embrace it. Commit to it. Make the choice and feel good about it. I want the result, the happy, more productive me. So the sacrifice is worth it. I make it gladly (well at least most days), or at least willingly.

Challenges I’ve Pursued

Say aloud to yourself, I will get dressed everyday by 10 AM. (The time is specific to you.) 10 AM works well for me because that’s around the time my son goes down for his morning nap. If I’m not dressed by then, it’s fairly easy to put him down for his nap and then go directly to my room to put on something better. I kind of thought it was silly when I first thought about it, but it has really been helping me, especially on days when I oversleep.

Additional Challenges
Tell a friend about your commitment. This helps make the decision more real. Better yet, encourage her to join you.

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