This week’s prompt is Mess.

Wow! What a great prompt for my life. The kitchen is full of bags waiting to be donated to the local thrift store when they call for pick up monthly. Why are they in my kitchen? Because there is water in the basement. The same torrential rain that kept the children and I indoors and stir crazy for days crept into our basement on both sides. I should have been prepared, this usually happens during the spring thaw and rain. But we’ve been decluttering and the basement seemed a logical place to put things out of the way until the thrift store pickup and recycling center run.

My living room is rather clean right now, since we had small group at our house last time. Before I went to bed last night I looked around and enjoyed the clean surfaces and uncluttered floor. The dining room table was still covered in pictures waiting to be hung and some sewing supplies but at least the piles were only surface level, rather than the usual leaning towers of procrastination that usually grace my table.

I try not to cringe as boxes of blocks are emptied onto the floor and the trains scatter. This is life. This is my mess, but it is beautiful. Our MOPS theme this past year has been A Beautiful Mess: Embrace Your Story. Well not the MOPS year is almost over and I don’t know if I’ve truly done that.

My life is messy. I have a small house and two small children. We are homeschooling and it’s been a long winter. The house has taken a beating. Now that the warm air has arrived we definitely get out more, but I don’t know that I can say that the house gets any cleaner. I want to be OK with it, I’m trying to be.  Part of me still wants to do it all and have it all, even though I know it’s impossible. But sometimes the beauty can be in the mess. The imperfection and brokenness can be part of what makes us unique an beautiful. I’m trying to figure out which things need to be cleaned up and which parts of me are just beautiful imperfection.

With that thought, a stack of books and puzzles hits the floor and the spell is broken. Welcome to the mess, it’s crazy but beautiful; both inside and out.




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