This week’s focus is Connection.


OK, so I’ll admit. I haven’t quit exercising entirely. But I am cutting back significantly. I’m been mostly choosing stretching workouts, one of the Foundational Five or other early stage Tummy safe workouts from Fit2B Studio. Otherwise just the occasional walk with the kids. I focus on maintaining good alignment while pushing a stroller.

The most frustrating part is my lack of lost weight. I’ve been holding on to these 10 pounds since I weaned my son, a year ago. I lost a few when I was training for my 5K and they were back within weeks. Even though Fit2B Beginning and Fit2B Advancing I didn’t see much progress and now I’m taking a step even further back. It’s very discouraging to be sure. (Before start discussing the benefits of various diets, just let me say that I hate diets. I try to generally eat healthy. Lately I’ve been trying green smoothies but other than that I focus on lots of veggies and protein. I also try to limit my sweets, but I won’t give them up altogether because I know myself, if I have scheduled desserts I’m more likely to stick with it than if I declare a moratorium on all sweets).

I’m also totally questioning my alignment. I’m trying to untuck more but now I feel like I’m thrusting my ribcage forward. I spend a lot of time throughout the day adjusting my alignment but for all I know I’m making it worse.

I’m struggling to remember to do the recommended exercises as often as I should. I know Kelly recommends doing the majority of them sitting, but to be honest, I do some of them laying. I do a few squeeze and holds and a set of pulsing before I get up in the morning and before I fall asleep at night. I also try to do the abdominal massage she recommends at that time. This program really is an exercise in belief and discipline. I don’t feel like I’m seeing results yet, but I need to keep going, believing that they will come. It took nine months for my diastasis to develop and another two years for it to shrink this far (though it was almost a year post partum before I knew there was anything I could do to repair it). 8 weeks isn’t that long a commitment to see if this program will really help me. Though, to be honest, losing a little weight wouldn’t hurt either.


Tummy Team Week 3: Neutral Pelvis and Core Strength

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