Yes! Yes! Yes! This is so key to living, to thriving, to survival really. I know that some of the darkest times in my life have also involved physical inactivity. We were made to move, as Kelly Dean says our bodies were made for life not just for exercise. So yes, if you love the gym, do go. But if you don’t, do something else. Walk, skip, dance, run. Do it with your kids. One night my kids begged to go to the black park. This is what my daughter calls the school yard outside the abandoned school building cattycorner from our house. The building is currently empty and unused, but my kids enjoy wandering around the playground, even though there really isn’t any equipment to speak of. That night I had a thousand things to do, as usual. I really just wanted to write. But my daughter and son looked at me, eyes wide and asked if I would come. (Mama, tome? As my two year old says). So I put aside my laptop and let the dishes wait. The four of us walked up the street. I took a few pictures of the kids before the camera battery died and then I just hung out with them. We played tag, we chased each other. I helped them climb and hang from old monkey bars. We walked around the building looking at big old trees and noting a few dangers to be avoided. I held my daughter’s hand and let her talk to me about whatever. Was that exercise? Yes. I was moving my body, but I was also living , not just preparing to live.

If you read my blog regularly you know that I love Fit2B Studio and it’s been  great help in my life. I get up early most days to make time for this. But you don’t have to do that. I recommend it, and it is a wonderful program. But you can do so many other things. The important thing is that you need to move to live. Do whatever works for your life. Have a living room dance party. Bike to the park with your kids. Run around the backyard. Try to use the monkey bars again (or in my case for the first time, I never was any good at those). Have a family hula hoop competition. Find a way to make physical activity part of your life and try to really enjoy living again. As the summer trucks along I want to spend more time just being physically active with my kids in simple ways. This is both for my body and my mind.  So move it!


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