On Day 10, Trent talks about what to do if you only have 10% of your budget to work towards your dreams with. I wish I had 10% to work with. 40% of our income is just our mortgage; our new, lower refinanced mortgage. But we wouldn’t be doing any better if we were renting. We live in a more expensive part of the country where many people commute multiple hours to work in major cities where the rate of pay is significantly higher, which has skewed the cost of living. Basically, if you work around here, it’s hard to own a home around here. We also contribute a large amount toward our monthly medical insurance. But we usually get our money’s worth each year. Between my daughter’s birth last year and the various doctor’s appointments she has had since them, including two specialists, I can’t imagine where we would be if we had opted out of the medical benefits. But the bright side of realizing all of this is that I am now able to figure out what kind of income we need to attain in order to shoot for our goals. It seems impossible right now, but I still believe in the One for whom all things are possible. If I do what I can do, He will do what He can do.