The most disturbing part of this step for me was the reality part. The reality for me is that we are just barely paying our monthly expenses. We don’t have nearly enough money set aside for household repairs and improvements. This is the area that we have very little money to spend, yet also the area that we consistently dip into savings for. But I don’t know where else to get the money. Our medical bills this year have also been way out of proportion. I thought that I had set a realistic budget based on the bills of previous years and this year’s expected expenses. I even set aside extra money in anticipation of unexpected medical bills. But this year has blown all of those expectations away. Between battling a breast infection, my husband’s psychotherapist bills and the new addition of a pediatric dermatologist to my daughter’s list of doctors, I couldn’t possibly have anticipated this. I realize that this is what an emergency fund is for. Fortunately, we do have a small one. But it will only get smaller since we don’t have any money going into it on a monthly basis.  These are the two areas there are consistently a problem. Yet there is no real way to control the expense in this area. When we were told that our daughter might have a rare disorder called Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome, we couldn’t think about whether we had the money to get her treated. We just had to get her treated. I guess our reality is that we need to find a way to increase our income so that we can set more aside to cover these can of emergencies.