Trent says something in this post that I find interesting “ Paying off debts isn’t romantic at all …”  This is probably true for most people, but not for me. I dream about the day that each student loan will have the words Paid in Full after it. I can barely see my dreams or the road to get there without seeing the giant roadblock labeled Debt. With every dime I spend, it looms in the background. It feels insurmountable. I consider getting out of debt to be my primary goal. According to Trent, I should be devoting equal time and money toward both dreams and debt. One of my dreams is to be out of debt.

I know that the goals that will require the most time will be the work on my two books and my goal to increase my physical activity. But lately my brain is so wrapped up in looking for ways to solve our debt issues that I can seem to focus on the things that are supposed to matter most to me.