A few weeks ago, I received the sad news that Jung Seeds cannot fill my order for two columnar apple trees. They refunded my money, but I’m still bummed. My garden phlox seem to be doing OK, though I’m a little concerned about my blueberry bushes. I’ve already had to have one replacement bush shipped because one died almost immediately. Hopefully I can order my apple trees next year. I don’t suppose any of my local readers know where I could purchase the trees nearby? However, having an extra year to think about this has me wondering about a space in my yard I hadn’t considered. There is a long strip of grass on the alley side of my house, particularly next to the fence that could be a potential place for a few Dwarf Fruit trees. I’m sure my husband won’t be happy to hear this, but I’m considered getting a peach tree or two next year. By planting them along the edge of the alley I’ll be providing more privacy for our yard, plus the added benefit of growing delicious fruit. I’ll have to get out there and measure, but I’m hopeful about the prospect.

On another sad note, Dan Schantz Greenhouse is closing their Bethlehem location. This is a huge disappointment to me, given that it is walking distance from my house. I prefer to buy local rather than from a large chain store. They do have an Allentown location but it is much less convenient. On a good note though, Dan Schantz is having a huge clearance sale. I picked up two blueberry plants for $5 each and a grape vine for $10. Both these plants were enormous compared to what I would get ordering online. I encourage any local readers to check out the sale.