We thought we were out of the wood regarding sleep issues. After sleep training our daughter at thirteen months we figured that things would only get easier from here. Now her apparent awareness of bladder needs is waking her up multiple times a night. But last night was the worst yet. At 11 p.m. we were heading to bed and she woke up asking to use the potty. We sat her down, redressed her and returned her to bed. Then she began to cry insisting that she had to go again. We explained to her as calmly as possible that she didn’t have to go again because she had just gone. But she became even more hysterical. This led to a three hour on and off crying fest (though it felt like longer) where we sang to her, let her use the potty again (not once by twice), and my husband sat with her until he thought she was asleep. In the end we let her cry and cry and cry; all of us miserable every minute. Aside for letting her fall asleep on the potty, we were out of options. It was a very long night. Finally all three of us passed out somewhere between 1 and 2 AM (though it felt later). She hasn’t been this sleepless for almost two years. I hope it doesn’t last long or we will be a very exhausted family welcoming a new baby in a month or two.