As I make my way through the third and final trimester of my pregnancy, I was finally beginning to feel like I had a handle on things. I’ve been managing my gestational diabetes fairly well, increasing my exercise frequency and still managing to work part time. However, during the last week a severe lower right quadrant back and hip pain has been plaguing me. Over the weekend it got the point where I could barely walk. Putting any weight at all on my right leg resulted in excruciating pain. This pain seems to come and go, and I’ve yet to figure out what exactly is causing it.

I feel fine when I’m sitting but when I stand up it’s agonizing. Standing for long periods of time produces some leg numbness but no back or hip pain. But obviously I can’t just stand all day to avoid aggravating the pain and neither can I sit all day and never get up. It seems like if I keep moving it does help so I’m trying to keep exercising. But getting constantly up and down from a sitting position (such as working at my computer and then taking my daughter to the potty) is the absolute worst.

I finally broke down and made a chiropractor appointment. Chiropractic treatments during my first pregnancy helped with work related back pain and enabled me to stay at my job until close to my due date. But it did get very expensive with all of those co-pays. This time around I was hoping not to need to additional support since our specialist co-pays have gone up. But if I don’t get some relief soon I’ll be virtually bed ridden by the time this baby gets here. Now I’m just hoping to survive until Thursday when I see the chiropractor and I’m hoping he’ll have some answers for me and an effective treatment plan. Wish me luck.