I first heard about Everyday Minerals on Keeper of the Home. I’d been slowly trying to transition my life to a greener/more frugal lifestyle. While the most frugal makeup option was to stick with healthy moisturizers and just let my skin show off its natural glow, pregnancy hormones had other plans for my skin. Fortunately I had already opted for the oil cleansing method and the occasional use of California Baby Tea Tree shampoo and wash. All of my normal acne treatments were out of the question which made me wonder how healthy they were to begin with if they were off limits during pregnancy. During this time also became more concerned about the toxins in various makeup products. My usual Cover Girl and Almay products gave me cause for concern when I looked them up on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

While I knew that my budget wouldn’t allow me to replace all of my existing toiletry and makeup products with organic/eco-friendly options, I was more concerned during pregnancy. I mostly tried not to wear too much makeup. But the irregular condition of my skin combined with my tanking self-esteem made the occasion use of makeup advisable. At Christmas I received the concealer kit as a gift and for the most part I was pleased with the coverage. It looked natural and actually concealed. (As a side note, I don’t love the travel applicator as the plastic seems rough and uneven which is a little uncomfortable on the skin around my eyes). So I took a little bit of money I was given as a Christmas gift and purchased a trial set to try. Combined with free samples, promo deals and free shipping I was able to try a smattering of various products for around $30. I’m only sorry the new Lippie colors aren’t available yet. But fortunately one basic shade is included in my “No Makeup” Makeup Kit! 

I’m excited to report back with reviews of these products once I receive them and begin testing them out.