What would happen if you only did Kelly Dean workouts for one month plus the Foundational Five?

(My original plan had been to tackle this project for a whole month, but I’m just too excited to get back to the 5X5 (X5) challenge, and introduce my husband to it as well. So I’ll only be doing it for two weeks, but I’ll be making suggestions if you wish to continue longer).

After doing my Tummy Team rehab I felt like I was afraid to do anything. Fortunately I found Fit2B Studio was a great complement. But sometimes I missed the physical therapy style reminders that Kelly Dean offered during the videos in her program. Kelly had recorded several workouts for Fit2B, and though her style is very different from Bethany Learn’s, I’ve grown to appreciate it. So I had an idea for a project. What if I reviewed the core exercises and stretches that I did during my core foundations program and then did Kelly Dean workouts on Fit2B for a whole month? What would happen? Some of her workouts are my favorites anyway (Total Body Toning never gets boring). Total Body Stretching incorporates many of the recommended stretches used during the Core Foundations course, as does Kelly Dean Pregnancy Stretching.

So I will try it and see what happens. As usual feel free to modify the order or frequency of the recommended workouts.

Day 1

Kelly Dean Total Body Stretching

Totally Transverse


Day 2

Kelly Dean Wall Workout

Tummy Safe Transitions

Day 3

Kelly Dean Floor Core

Mula Bandha

Day 4

Kelly Dean Total Body Toning

Totally Transverse II


Day 5

Kelly Dean Core Cardio
Align it Flat 


Day 6

Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly
Squat Prep


Day 7

Bedtime Relaxation with Kelly

Basic Transverse & Mula Bandha


It’s Ok if you don’t get through all the workouts. Try your best and you’ll still get results.

Enjoy Week 1 of the Kelly Dean Project.

The Kelly Dean Project Week 2

The Kelly Dean Project Week 3

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