In the my last post I noted that there were several combinations of nighttime cloth diapers in an effort to keep our son leak free, feeling as dry as possible (or at least not soaking wet) and hopefully sleeping longer too. Below are my reviews of the combinations we have tried so far.

Option 1- Thirsties Duo Fitted with Baby Kicks Joey Bunz Hemp Premium Inserts and bumGenius Stay Dry Liner in a Thirsties Cover: This still works for us a in a pinch, but it is tough to go all night. We’ve been known to do it when our other options are in the wash. But it leads to a very wet diaper in the morning.

Cons: You will battle stink with Duo Fitted diapers when using them regularly at night. This is just a reality of using microfiber overnight and pocket fitteds (as they are sometimes called, though not by Thirsties) are harder to get clean because of the tunnels and layers.

Pros: Except for the most heavy wetters (trust me, I have one) used with a hemp or other super absorbent insert and the right cover, these will keep it all in. We find that the best leak proof solution is to use a traditional Thirsties cover, rather than a Duo, not sure exactly why this is, but we have always gotten better coverage and fewer leaks. I think the snaps on Duo covers make them prone to dipping too low in the front.


Option 2-Flip Insert Stay Dry Insert, Hemp Insert with Hiney Liney cover: This is a great option. I’m not sure the liney itself is as stay dry as my bumGenius Stay Dry Doublers but it works pretty well. I like that I can reuse the cover with a second liney, so that it lasts more than one night.

Cons: I had a little trouble getting both inserts under the liney because we still have the cover snapped down, but it did work. I think this will work well as he gets a little bigger. This option also works better when he doesn’t nurse at night.

Pros: I love that this cover can be reused with a new stay-dry liney. I wouldn’t try more than two or three nights though. Mine started to stink after just a night or two (nighttime urine really reeks). I was pleased with the fit of this cover for the most part and I had very few issues with red marks on my son’s thighs.


Option 3- Baby Kicks one-Size Organic Fitted: I’ll admit that I can’t decide what I think about this diaper. I’ve never used it alone because of my son’s great dislike for feeling wet. I’ve used it stuffed the one-size hemp insert it comes with and a bumGenius Stay Dry Doubler on top. At first I loved it, and under a Thirsties cover we had no leaks to speak of. But I’ve never been a fan of snaps. After an unfortunate experience with both Kissaluvs fitted diapers and Fuzzibunz pocket diaper, I decided to give BabyKicks a chance. At first it was OK, but ultimately it was still a pain. My son always ended up between sizes. The fabric also got rough after a few washings, especially when wet. With a proper cover this is a good diaper for nighttime, it just isn’t really one of my favorites.

Cons: Fabric gets rough after multiple washings and it can get stinky as well, though that seems to happen to almost any diaper that gets frequent nighttime use at my house. This diaper should definitely be stripped periodically. It is also rather expensive, but but it is one-size.

Pros: If you like snaps, this may be the diaper for you. The side snaps are nice, and definitely easier to use than other snap diapers I’ve used. I was also pleased with the absorbency of the included insert and there is probably room in the pocket to stuff another inside in as well, if needed.


Option 4- : At first I didn’t know how I would like a diaper without any fastenings. I’ve never been a pin person, but fortunately this diaper worked fine with our snappi. For nighttime, I used both included inserts and a Flip insert or Stay Dry Doubler on top. Either worked well. This diaper is incredibly soft and still stayed soft through many washings. I know from experience that night time urine is tough on diapers long term, so I don’t expect it will stay so soft and squishy permanently. Price was definitely a bit of a deterrent with this diaper. I really wanted to try their wool covers as well, but thus far wool is out of my price range.

Cons: This is another expensive choice, but it is a one-size diaper and it seems as though the structure and stretch of the diaper would make it truly one-size. The diaper is a little bulky, but I didn’t have any issues with it.

Pros: This ended up being my go-to option for night time for a while. The diaper was soft and easy to fit onto my son. When paired with a Thirsties of Thirsties Duo cover we had no leaks. With an extra stay dry liner on top, it kept our son dry all night and he almost always slept through the night when wearing this diaper.


Insert and Doubler Reviews

Baby Kicks Joey Bunz Hemp Premium insert: I have been incredibly impressed with these inserts. They were the most absorbent we could afford and well worth it. They are not super soft, but since I usually use them under something else that has never been a concern of mind. The two layers are held together only at one end, allowing them to wash cleaner and dry faster. These typically do dry in one cycle in the dryer and if slightly damp will hang dry easily the rest of the way. They are still when completely line dried, but this is typical of most hemp and other natural fiber products.

 bumGenius Stay Dry Doublers and Flip Stay Dry Inserts: I tried these in desperation but not expecting much. These are very similar except that the Flip inserts have folds in them to make them adjustable to size, where are the bumGenius Stay Dry Doublers are just one size, on the small side, a little bigger than a bumGenius newborn size diaper insert. But they fit nicely in most fitted diapers, where as the Flip is better by itself. (Though I do love it as a doubler in the sustainablebabyish fitted).

Option 2 (Hiney Liney cover with Flip Stay-Dry insert and Joey Bunz Hemp Premium insert) is our current favorite though I’ve also experimented with using a Flip cover with an organic and stay-dry Flip insert which I also like a lot. I know that we may have to make adjusts to fit and absorbency as our son gets older, but for now these work for us. If your are diapering a heavy wetting child it can be frustrating, but you just have to try to tackle it with patience and a process of elimination until you find an option that works for you.