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Kelly Dean clearly has a passion for education. While I already knew a lot of what she said because of my time with Fit2B Studio, watching her videos I could see that she was really in her element.

This week’s focus in awareness. Thanks to the Foundational Five, I’ve already become somewhat aware of my abdominals. I’ve already tried to make belly breathing part of my day. But this continued focus on awareness is good for me.

The truth is I can barely lift my son into his car seat without arching my back. I have pain in my upper and mid back under my shoulder blades. Posture wise, I tend to slouch and round my shoulders forward. As a writer and a blogger I spend a lot of time at the computer. I always thought I had pretty good pelvic alignment but I’m beginning to realize that I probably tuck under too much. This probably comes from years of ballet. The turning out of the hip muscles also creates a tuck in the hips. I don’t know whether this can be done with proper alignment or not. (Ballet doesn’t like ribs flaring out either and focuses on being long and lean though, so there must be some agreement there).

In some ways the exercises are easy to work into everyday life. The problem is remembering. The other problem is that Week 1 focuses on primarily doing the exercises while sitting. I hardly ever sit. Seriously, unless I’m eating, sometimes not even then. Or at the end of the day when I’m lying about on the couch to relax. It’s easy to remember to engage my transverse while doing the standing activities throughout my day, but I’m supposed to be doing my transverse holds and squeeze and release exercises while sitting, preferably with back support. It will be interesting to see how I figure this out. Maybe the result will be me sitting more (which usually means a child climbing on me. They take it as some kind of invitation), which might be a good thing.

The hardest part about this program is that while I know the value of it, I’m having trouble feeling less active. Exercise has been so important for my physical and mental health that taking a break to focus on internal work is difficult to accept.

I’m probably still not doing the exercises as often as I should but I’m definitely more aware of my core and alignment than I have ever been. I’m slightly obsessive about it right now. I do wear my splint when I’m at home and sometimes when I sleep, but not when I go out. I think I’m OK with that. I know that splinting is important but I also know that Kelly says that the splint is only one tool and it’s not worth obsessing over. So I won’t.

Week one done and to be honest, I don’t feel super different yet. I’m actually having more upper back pain, probably from my attempts to improve my posture. (Though doing Kelly Deans Total Body Stretching workout on Fit2B Studio has helped somewhat).

I know in my head that what I’m doing will have long term positive benefit, but right now it’s hard not to want to do things harder, and faster to get the results I want.

 Tummy Team Week 2: Connection


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