So I am finally starting to feel a little stronger, but I still have a long way to go.

I still haven’t recovered from injuring my foot after my run more than a week ago, so I think I’ll settle for some time on the stationary bike or brisk walking when it comes to my cardio.

That being said, I was terrible about cardio this week. Other than marathon grocery shopping and laundry washing and folding there weren’t any specific cardio sessions in my week. But I was determined to at least get through the three recommended workout days this week.

Warm up – Totally Transverse, then Yoga for Runners and Jump Change

Yoga for Runners

I used the Tummy safe refilmed version of this, rather than the original. Overall, it was a nice stretching routine. I probably enjoyed it as much as Simply Stretching II, but it’s considerable shorter which is nice if you don’t have much time. I appreciate that Beth Learn doesn’t rush through the movements but really gives you time to focus on the stretch and slowly get yourself into and out of the various poses.

Jump Change

Jump Change is a high intensity workout, though not the first time I’ve done it. This time I did have the added challenge of doing the opening squats with my 33 lb two year old wrapped around my waist and sitting on my abs during the modified incline planes. Other than that though, I found it better than the first time I tried it. I did break a sweat. Though I had to be careful not to overtax my knees, which have been aching recently for no reason that I can think of. I liked that it was high intensity but not long. I have trouble maintaining good form with long high intensity workouts, but this was a good length so that I was able to really focus on each movement and not just fail with exhaustion.

Weighted Warrior & Kelly’s Core Cardio

Weighted Warrior

This is the second or third time I’ve done Weighted Warrior and it is a good workout. I like the inclusion of weights because it adds a level of difficulty to the workout, but it isn’t so hard that I can’t control my core when I do it. Workouts like this one have helped me to learn to control my core when lifting significant weight (such as my son or daughter) and still keeping good alignment. It’s so tempting to arch the back, and open up the rib cage when lifting something that feels too heavy for me. Now I try my best to maintain good alignment and keep my core engaged. This is a good upper body workout but still good stretches and strengthening for the legs. But definitely not a beginner workout.

Kelly’s Core Cardio

It seems fitting that I would be highlighting a workout from Kelly Dean, since I’ll be spending a lot of time with her videos in the next few weeks as I do abdominal rehab with the Tummy Team. This is one of my favorite workouts with her. The cardio level is excellent but it isn’t too long so I can really focus on maintaining proper form during the hula hoop sequences. Yep, that’s right, hula hoop. Not using a real hula hoop mind you, it actually reminded me a lot of the Wii Fit hula hoop workout. I used to hate that, but this wasn’t so bad and it definitely helped me keep my hips flexible and moving.

Mula Bandha and Hold It

Mula Bandha 

I’ve done Mula Banda many times before, though I still wonder if I’m doing it quite right. But I enjoy the workout predominantly because of how calm and soothing it is.

Hold It

So I keep thinking that I’ve done this workout before, but I don’t think I actually have. I was still sore from doing Weight Warrior earlier yesterday, so this was a nice workout. It is difficult, but not high intensity. Slow sustained movements are some of the hardest in my experience. It reminded me of the kind of stamina I used to need during difficult barre workouts in ballet class. Each movement is sustained for 5-10 breaths. Definitely a challenge for the core and the balance. 

Rather than plowing on to Fit2B Challenged, I’m going to take a break and do some abdominal rehab courtesy of The Tummy Team. Come back next week to check out the details and for a coupon code to join me as I work on rebuilding my core.

I will still be exercising, but I’m not going to be pushing myself as hard. Instead I’ll be taking on the Fit2B Studio 30 day movement challenge and providing periodic updates on my progress. If you’d like to join me, you can head over to the member forum and join the challenge.

Thanks for following me as I worked my way through Fit2B Advancing. I think I’ve like to come back to it in the future, and really focus on doing the suggested cardio each week. Please join me next week as I take it down a notch and focus specifically on ab rehab with the Tummy Team.

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