First we were two. Figuring out how this equation of 1+1 worked. Then we were three, and no one slept for a whole year. We weren’t sure we’d make it.


The news came that we would be four and we rejoiced for 10 weeks, until it was no longer to be. The news came again two months later and there was happiness but also understandable trepidation as we walked through the next nine months. Then suddenly and finally we were four. There never seemed to be enough hands or enough time. Our days were filled with laugher and screams and more messes than I could have ever predicted.


I don’t know what awaits us. Will we be five? How will we do it? The minions will outnumber the wranglers. Mama won’t have a hand for each anymore. We won’t be a nice round figure anymore. But I think I want to find out.


Day 1
Let’s Move

Day 2
View: My Life as a Landscape

Day 3
He Makes All Things New

Day 4
Learning to Fly

Day 5
Not Stuck

Day 6
He Knows Me

Day 7
Go, But Stay

Day 8
Say Mama

Day 9
Join Me

Day 10

Day 11
Teach Me Your Ways

Day 12

Day 13
Holy Work

Day 14

Day 15
Real Life

Day 16
My 500th Blog Post

Day 17
Remember the Days

Day 18
Taste and See That the Lord is Good

Day 19
I Am Second

Day 20
Pursuing Peace, Expecting Joy

Day 21
Looking at Them

Day 22
Do I Dare to Be?

Day 23

Day 24
Mothers Unite!