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This week is really only a little harder than last week. You’ve got this. I remember feeling like I was so proud of myself for making it this far. You should feel the same way. This is no small accomplishment. Even if you stop now, this may very well be further than you’ve ever run before.


Day 1

Running Day

Totally Transverse

Run 9 min, Walk 3 min; Repeat 3 times

Bonus: Love Handles Lost


Day 2

Weight Training Day

Insane Upper Body

Tummy Safe Transitions


Day 3

Running Day

Mula Banda

Run 8 min, Walk 2 min; Repeat 3 times

Bonus: Hold It!


Day 4

Weight Training Day

Weighted Warriors

Squat Prep


Day 5

Running Day

Totally Transverse II

Run 10 min, Walk 3 min; Repeat 3 times

Bonus: Gentle Blend


Day 6

Long Cardio Day

Tabata Kick & Squat


Day 7

Stretching Day

Kelly Dean’s Total Body Stretching

Kelly’s Floor Core Routine


For some of you, this is the most you’ve probably ever run. I remember being shocked that occasionally I was able to go even further than recommended. Even so, if this feels a little more difficult than you expect, press on. It gets better. You’ve come so far. You can do this. 3.1 miles is calling you.


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