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Are you getting into the swing yet? This is week three of doing the same five days of movements, so it should begin to feel like second nature right about now. If you have time to keep doing the Foundational Five, I encourage you to keep doing that as well.

If you are feeling up to it, this is a great week to start kicking it up a notch by adding some short cardio. Below are my favorites.

Basic Aerobics II

Basic Aerobics III

Basic Aerobics IV

I had to say a little extra about this one because I was the first time I’ve done it. I will never get tired of these basic aerobics videos. When I don’t have a lot of time (which is often) or I’m out of shape (or pregnant) these still get my heart rate up and work up a slight sweat, which is just the way I like it.

Kelly’s Core Cardio

Kickboxing (This one is bit longer than the others, but since it is one of my perennial favorites I had to mention it).

Move of the Week

Wall sit with the Bicep Curl. I love this move because it allows me to work my core in a more intense way while still doing upper body work. This is especially important if you are increasing the weight you are working with. Weights that are too heavy can cause us to compensate in other areas of the body, resulting in poor alignment and a bulging core. But by doing the bicep curl with a wall sit, it helps to put the focus back on the abdominals. (Put a pillow between your knees for some inner thigh engagement as bonus).

Three weeks down. Two to go.

5X5 Week 4: Cardio and Pilates

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