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Last week, we talked about being more intentional about the things that come naturally to us as moms, but also being aware of which things drain us. This is a great chapter to follow that one. Because learning to live above the details is how we train ourselves to function during those times that drain us or things aren’t going according to plan. (In my own life, it often feels as though very little goes according to plan).

My first instinct when I face a challenge, isn’t usually to think “Oh goody, an opportunity to grow.” But perhaps it should be. One challenge I have had for myself is to try and let the small things go. I try not to stress over long lines, red lights or other annoyances that I have no control over. Yes, with an active toddler and whining five year old in tow, these can be very difficult sometimes. But I keep trying. Because I know that the frustration isn’t accomplishing anything. In fact it is wasting my energy along with my time.

When it comes to my kids I’m still working on this. Sometimes the whining, the screaming and generalized lack of gratitude is exhausting. But I try to keep a deep breath and try to keep moving forward without letting my mind run the possible future where my children are in their twenties, living at home and still believing I need to cook for and clean up after them. Because of course that isn’t going to happen. Someday they will do their own laundry, wipe their own noses and even prepare some of their own meals. It won’t always be like this and someday I may miss their yummy noises at the dinner table.

So what do I do? Try to let the little things go. Pick my battles carefully. Try to love the good things about where I am right now. (Even if it’s little things like seeing my three year old bopping to the music when I glance in my rear view mirror).



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