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All movements of all five days, every day

That’s right. That’s it. I know it sounds boring, but it’ll be a lot of fun, not to mention it’s one last big push of effort during the final week. Yes, it is a lot of movements every day. But after five weeks you should be feeling in much better shape. But please listen to your body. Do fewer reps if you need to.

Don’t neglect your Foundational Five and maybe try a new routine like Pelvic Floor Connections. For bonus this week, try Tabata Kick & Squat. It is the longest workout on Fit2B, but also one of my favorites. It takes everything I love about Tabata and combines it with kickboxing.

So now that I’ve finally given you my take on the 5X5 Challenge, what next? The new Fit2B Beginning pathway and Fit2B Mama Maternity routines! There have been a lot of great new routines added to Fit2B in the last few months and I haven’t had time to try many of them because of the extreme sickness I had in the first trimester. But I’m feeling much better now and ready to get back on track. I’ll be opening with a week or two of easing back into movement (if you have great first trimesters, please feel free to make it harder), followed by 6 weeks of Fit2B Beginning and then my own little combo of routines including Maternity Routines. I’m so excited to try these new routines plus the maternity routines as well. (Though the Mommy & Me routines will have to wait for a while yet). Come back next week and join me!

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