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I haven’t joined Five Minute Friday in almost two months. I have often written, but some how those words don’t manage to get published. They sit open in a word document or browser window waiting for a picture, a tag or something else; usually because I was interrupted in the process and once I lost my momentum, it just didn’t feel worth it anymore. But I’m trying again today. Not because there is something magical about a one word prompt but because there is something amazing about writers all over the world (most of them women) supporting each other as we pour out our uncensored, honest thoughts. Five brief minutes a week in a blogosphere overflowing with polished up perfection and picture perfect presentation where we choose to drop the veil and be real.


The door slams again and I contemplate whether I should have it removed. Then I remember my rather tenuous relationships with power tools and think better of the idea. My little girl, far more grown up than I imagined she’d be at almost six will be sharing a room with her three year old brother in just a few short months. I’ve gone up and down and sideways with the options and this still seems the best one. But of course I have trepidations. She still falls asleep with the lights on many nights. He’s used to the dark. He still likes his white noise machine. She can barely tolerate the air conditioner in the summer, claiming it’s too loud.  Since he was born, I let her room become her refuge. When she wants to get away before she explodes, that’s where she goes. (Often slamming the door in her brother’s face, though that isn’t supposed to be part of the process)

So what will we do now? This is one of the many adjustments that is going to come with adding another member to this family. It isn’t just about the door. Will there be enough, time, energy and love to go around? I know the answer to the last one. Even with two I’ve already learned how love and multiple, I just wish time and energy could do the same.

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