So after the nearly a year it has taken me to finish Jamie’s book, do I find myself transformed? That’s a hard question to answer. Yes, my mindset has changed due to many things. I’d like to give this book credit at one of those sources. In some ways taking so long to get through it has really helped. Trying to do one chapter a day (short as they are) would have been too emotionally draining. I needed to give myself time to really mull these things over and decide how I thought they fit into my life.

My life is different now from how it was a year ago, and will likely be very different this time next year, with a seven month old. But I hope I’ll carry many of these insights with me. Motherhood is meant to be a joy not a curse. This doesn’t mean every moment is magical and anyone who tells you that is either lying or has a poor memory. But we don’t have to focus on only the bad. Telling new moms horror stories won’t make those difficult days easier. But we can be there for them when the bad days come, encouraging them that there will be better days ahead. But we also owe it to them to rejoice in the wonderful moments and not bring the cloud of “Oh just wait until . . .”

I can’t control what happens to me, or how my day will go, but I can choose how I prepare and how I react. I hope that as I move forward my choice of preparation will be one of hopeful realism and my reactions more loving and filled with peace. Yes, I will fail. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to stop trying. Because maybe this motherhood journey isn’t just about raising kids, but about transforming me into a better, stronger person, prepared for whatever else God has for me to do, in addition to my role as mom.

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