I’ve been working my way through the Tummy Team online core rehab program for the past 7 weeks. My goal was to remain as active as possible during that time. It hasn’t gone according to plan. I promised to give you an update on the Fit2B 30 day movement challenge. I lasted to day three and then pretty much let it slide.

So What Have I Been Doing?

I have limited windows of exercise in my day and it has becoming increasingly difficult while still avoiding the dreaded 6 AM wake up. So what am I doing? My goal has been to do three days a week of 20 minutes (not coincidentally the length of one sitcom episode, in this case Frasier) on my exercise bike. I have to do this immediately after my kids go down for their naps/quiet time, even if I haven’t had lunch yet. Because if I sit down, it’s over. I’ve also been trying my hand at getting up at 6 AM again. It sucks. But I don’t set an alarm, I just get up with the sunlight when I naturally wake up, which is usually around 6 anyway, I just don’t go back to sleep. It’s a slow process that also needs to involve going to bed earlier as well. (Though I haven’t done very well with that so far). But I’m feeling optimistic about exercise a priority again.

Bringing Back Fit2B

My other goal was to reincorporate more Fit2B workouts into my schedule. I want to start following the Tummy Safe Path to Great Abs, while specifically focusing more on my upper body through the Pathway to Amazing Arms. The reality is that if I spend a long time in the garden or have an exhausting outing with the kids, it likely doesn’t get done. But I’m still trying to make it a priority.

I’m almost done with the Tummy Team program and then I’m planning to jump right back into Fit2B. Bethany was the one who got me started on taking care of my core and recommended me to Kelly Dean, and I don’t doubt she’ll be there when I feel ready to tackle another pregnancy. (I look forward to trying the prenatal videos). Thank you, Bethany Learn.  You’ve certainly made a difference in my life and I’m grateful. The brief absence has been tough, but I’m back in action.

Won’t you join me?


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