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This was my final week of the Tummy Team rehab. It was a crazy week with my daughter’s birthday and our preparations for vacation. I still can’t believe that this is the end.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but it is a little discouraging because I think I thought I’d look totally different by now, and I really don’t. However I know that I’ve made progress and added in some healthy habits.

I feel like the areas I’ve improved in the most is awareness of my posture and alignment as well as striving for core engagement throughout my day. I’ve already stopped splinting except when I exercise or if I’ve been doing something else that requires a lot of effort, such as gardening. I don’t do as many holds and squeezes as I used to, but I try to do a couple whenever I remember. However, I am also trying to do them at certain times. I do a couple transverse holds in the shower, or in bed at night before I go to bed. I try to watch my posture, especially when I’m sitting at my computer, which isn’t easy because I have a small laptop. I love it because it is light, portable and the screen detaches as a tablet. But when I use it for long periods of time, it means looking down.

Two more featured workouts this week from Fit2B Studio.

 Kelly Dean’s Wall Workout

So I previously misjudged this workout. It wasn’t until after finishing up the core rehab that I realize how poorly I was doing this workout before. It is very challenging to keep your core pulled in this entire workout. I didn’t think I used to like this one, but it definitely has a huge benefit to strongly engaging your core. I also appreciate how well balanced it is. If you only have 10 minutes or less, this will cover your core, your legs and arms. I also noticed for the first time that I think Kelly may be wearing a splint in this workout. (I could be wrong, I might be just a tank top). If I’m right, she’s setting a great example for those of us returning to exercise after core rehab.

 Kelly Dean’s Total Body Toning

I remember not being super impressed with this workout when I first tried it earlier this year. However, returning to it immediately following abdominal rehab has made the workout more cohesive for me. As Kelly mentions at the beginning of the workout, this will make more sense if you’ve done abdominal rehab with The Tummy Team. However, it is still a good workout regardless. I found that the power squeezes actually didn’t seem long enough to compare to the squeeze and holds I’d been doing for ab rehab. I also realized that the core elements of this workout definitely felt more intuitive than when I did it last time. They still required effort, for sure, but I was more easily able to make my body do what she was describing. Both the arm and leg workout were especially intense. I could definitely feel the burn. This is not a workout I would even have had on my go-to list, but it definitely will be now. If you have not quite a half hour and don’t have time to do cardio along with a upper body workout with weights, then this is what you want.

So am I disappointed that my separation isn’t entirely closed? No, this is the best it’s been in quite some time. It varies between 1.5 and 2 fingers which is down slightly from when I started the program. I do worry about what will happen during my next pregnancy, but I feel more confident now that I have the right tools to do it with. I’ve also come to except that the width may very. Recently Kelly Dean mentioned on the The Tummy Team Facebook forum that hormonal fluctuations can cause variations in the width of abdominal separations. So I’m also keeping that in mind.

I am disappointed that my waist measurement hasn’t shrunk a bit more, but that also has to do with my need to lose weight. Healthy diet and exercise are my friend, especially the exercise. I need to focus on making changes I can live with instead of temporary diet adjustments.

Overall, this rehab has been a good experience. It is time consuming to do properly. It’s just little segments of time but it has to be regular and consistent. I probably didn’t get all that I could out of this program, but I still feel like I gave it a solid try. I would definitely do this again, perhaps to help me recover after my next pregnancy. Or I might come back and do the prenatal program during my next pregnancy. But I feel confident that even though I’m not seeing the outward results I was looking for that the internal healing has begun.

If you are finding that tummy safe fitness alone is not enough to heal your abdominal separation (as much as I love Fit2B) then I highly recommend this program. There is hope for healing and change and it can be found with Kelly Dean and The Tummy Team.

Kelly Dean on Fit2B: A Tummy Team Collaboration


The Tummy Team Core Foundations Online Program

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